Mr. Parker’s TIPS 36-45

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Mr. Parker’s TIPS Video Hit List (Videos 36-45)

TIPS #36 on Self Esteem

(CIP Unit 11 Tell Others about Your Skills)

 This TIPS session is about self-esteem. In it you will learn what self-esteem is and how we can build it. In this episode you will practice self-confidence and believing in yourself.

TIPS #37 on Honesty

(CIP Unit 27 Say When There is a Problem)

 This TIPS session is about Honesty. In it you will learn how to tell the truth even when it’s hard and why it’s important. In this lesson you will learn why honesty help you grow friendships and earn trust.

TIPS #38 on Humanity

(CIP Unit 25 Show Concern for Others)

 This TIPS session is about Humanity. In it you will how to show caring for everyone in the world, no matter who they are or how well you know them. In this lesson you’ll learn how to show humanity and show respect for everyone.

TIPS #39 on Patience

(CIP Unit 6 Take Turns When You Talk)

 This TIPS session is about Patience. In it you will learn what it means to wait without complaining. In this lesson you’ll practice skills to help you wait

TIPS #40 on Courage

(CIP Unit 19 Stand Up for Others)

 This TIPS session is about courage. In it you will learn what the character trait of courage is and how to practice being brave. This lesson will help you learn how to use your voice to advocate for yourself.

TIPS #41 on Following the Rules

(CIP Unit 3 Follow the Rules)

 This TIPS session is about following the rules. In it you how to check, think, ask and follow rules. Using this 4-step method you can figure out what’s going on around you. These skills will help you interact with friends and make others feel safe.

TIPS #42 on Asking for Help

(CIP Unit 5 Ask for Help)

 This TIPS session is about asking for help. In it you will learn the best way to ask for help, and why it’s important to get help when you’re feeling frustrated or confused. You will learn to ask, think about the problem and solve your challenges.

TIPS #43 on Doing the Right Thing

(CIP Unit 9 Do the Right Thing)

 This TIPS session is about doing the right thing. In it you will learn that doing the right thing shows that you care, that you want to be positive and safe. By thinking and asking and then deciding and doing you can do the right every time!

TIPS #44 on Owning your actions

 This TIPS session is about owning your actions. In it you will learn how to take responsibility for what you say and what you do. Using the steps of think, telling and feeling and asking we can successfully own our actions.

TIPS #45 on You can do it

(CIP Unit 11 Tell Others about Your Skills)

 This TIPS session is about believing in you. In it you will remember different skills you’ve practiced throughout the previous 44 TIPS sessions. Remembering that you can breathe, use self-talk, and solve anything you put your mind to.