SSIS SEH CIP-T2 Parent Videos

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The CIP-T2 Healthy Behavior Section Previews (Descriptions & 1-minute videos)


SSIS SEH CIP-T2: Course Summary

The SSIS SEH CIP-T2 Social Emotional Health Improvement Program (SSIS SEH CIP-T2) is for students who need extra support and opportunities to improve key social emotional life skills. The first part of the program is called BIGS, which stands for Brief Intervention Group Support. BIGS provides 12 lessons featuring skills to improve stress management, social support, key social emotional behaviors, and personal goal setting. The application of these skills is key to a successful personal Improvement Journey.

SSIS SEH CIP-T2: Getting Started in the Right Direction

Two lessons address working effectively in a group to improve social emotional skills and creating a SMARTi (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Tim-Bound, improvement) goal mindset to focus one’s improvement work (I-work).  A key message is Picture it!

SSIS SEH CIP-T2: Navigating Stress on the Way to Resilience

Two lessons focus on understanding what causes stress, how stress can have a negative effect on a person, and 5 ways students can learn to manage their stress and become resilient. A key message is Manage it!

SSIS SEH CIP-T2: Locating & Using Social Support To Power Progress

Three lessons focus on types and sources of social support and specific healthy behavior routines students can use to ask for and give others support.  A key message in these lessons are Give + Get it!

SSIS SEH CIP-T2: Charting a Positive Path To Your Goal Destination

The last five lessons stimulate students to identify their positive social emotional behaviors they can use to reduce a negative behavior. To help them move forward, students create SMARTi goals and make action plans (MAP) to improve their behavior. The key message in these lessons is Positive Behavior Wins!