Guiding Premise

 We all teach children social emotional learning skills,
so do it efficiently and effectively with the SSIS Assessment and Intervention System!


Assessments and interventions emphasizing desired social emotional skills known to be valued by educators and parents and fully aligned with SEL domains of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making.


Practices with decades of published top-quality and independent research to support the validity and utility of the assessments and the effectiveness of the intervention program. User acceptability and cost effectiveness evidence also is strong.

Academic Enabling

Behaviors within the array of common SEL skills are prioritized for assessment and instruction, thus enhancing both the social and academic outcomes of interventions to achieve a triple-positive impact for students by increasing SEL skills, decreasing many problem behaviors, and improving achievement!

Guiding Frameworks

CASEL SEL Wheel 2020

SSIS™ SEL Assessment Items & Scores Align with CASEL Core Competencies

The SSIS SEL Edition family of assessments provide data for making a range of important educational decisions. Each provides items that are aggregated to provide reliable and valid total SEL and Subscale scores for Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, and Responsible Decision-Making. The assessments are:

  • SSIS SEL Brief Scales
  • SSIS SEL Brief + Mental Health Scales
  • SEL Screening/Progress Monitoring Scales
  • SSIS SEL Rating Forms (Teacher, Parent, & Student)

SSIS™ SEL Classwide Intervention Program (CIP) Provides Intervention Support for Students at All Levels

The SSIS SEL CIP provides instruction for 10 Core SEL skills and 20 Advanced SEL skills. Each skill is aligned with one of the 5 CASEL competencies. These instructional skill units can be used at any MTSS level – Tiers 1, 2, and 3 – with groups of students.


  • Regardless of students’ age/grade, the skills to be taught are determined by results of a screening assessment within the context of a school’s curriculum.
  • All SEL CIP Units have 3 lessons each 25-30 minutes long and built to be sequenced, active, focused, explicit, and responsive — S.A.F.E.R.!
  • The instructional process involves six phases: Tell > Show > Do > Practice > Monitor Progress > Generalize.
  • Research demonstrates that the SSIS CIP has a triple-positive impact on students: increasing SEL skills, decreasing many problem behaviors, and increasing academic engagement and achievement outcomes.

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Making Decisions


SSIS SEL Brief Scales

  • Teacher K-12 Form
  • Teacher Preschool Form
  • Parent K-12 Form (English & Spanish)
  • Parent Preschool Form (English & Spanish)
  • Student (Grades 3-12) Form (English & Spanish)

SSIS SEL Brief + Mental Health Scales

  • Teacher K-12 Form
  • Parent K-12 Form (English & Spanish)
  • Student (Grades 3-12) Form (English & Spanish)

SSIS SEL Edition Screening and Progress Monitoring Scales

  • Teacher Version

SSIS SEL Edition Rating Forms

  • Teacher Rating Form
  • Parent Rating Form
  • Student Rating Form

SSIS Rating Scales

  • Teacher Rating Form
  • Parent Rating Form
  • Student Rating Form

SSIS SEL Classwide Intervention Program (CIP)


for Improving
Social, Emotional, & Academic Skills

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