Action Plan

Assess, Identify, Match, Implement, and Evaluate

The SSIS SEL assessments provide Actionable results to drive an efficient intervention decision making process that involves five 5-steps: Assess, Identify, Match, Implement, and Evaluate. We call this process A.I.M.I.E.

A.I.M.I.E. works most efficiently and effectively with the SSIS SEH Classwide Intervention Program or SEH CIP because 100% of the skills assessed by any of the SSIS SEL assessments are also specifically taught in the SEH CIP.  The A.I.M.I.E. Action Planning process, however, also works well with other CASEL SELect programs providing the general competency domains in which lessons should be prioritized for instruction.

A downloadable version of the A.I.M.I.E. Action Guide is available here. Use this guide as a worksheet to assist in the translation of your SSIS SEL assessment results into a specific Action Plan for teaching students the SEL skills they need to work on improving the most.

The accompanying PowerPoint (here) or PDF version (here) of the presentation walks you using the A.I.M.I.E. Action Plan and is illustrated with a student case.

When you come to the Implement Step in the A.I.M.I.E. Action Plan, you will learn about the use of the SSIS SEL Instructional Progress Monitoring Record. This record form is a tool design to help structure and evaluate how well an intervention program is implemented. It is a self-evaluation form that can be used to document the quantity and quality of the lessons provided to students.  A downloadable copy of it is available here.

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