SSIS SEL Brief Scales Assessment and Preschool Instructional Program (PIP) Bundle


The SSIS SEL Brief Scales & Preschool Instructional Program (PIP) Bundle…

  • Maximizes content alignment among SSIS SEL Brief assessments, the SSIS SEL PIP, and CASEL competency standards to improve focus and communications about students’ SEL skills.
  • Most cost effective way to provide an entire preschool a set of assessments and intervention products that integrate efficiently to teach 15 fundamental SEL skills.
  • Use the easy to use and time efficient assessments to drive instruction with a S.A.F.E.R. and musically enhanced online program.
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The Assessments are brief, multi-informant (teacher & parent) rating scales of children age 3-5 focusing exclusively on Social Emotional Learning skills (16 items, 4 subscales: Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, and Responsible Decision Making). Takes 5 minutes to complete online. Reports connect results to SSIS Classwide Intervention Program or other CASEL aligned intervention programs.

The Manual provides (a) background on the development of the assessments and their relations to the SSIS SEL Rating Forms, (b) information on scores and reporting results, (c) psychometric evidence for reliability and validity of scores from each assessment, and (d) use of the assessments to make decisions in a MTSS or PBIS model of student services.

The Uses include (1) efficient universal Screening of large-groups of students to Identify their SEL strengths and competency areas in need of improvement, (2) Planning of instruction using the content-aligned SSIS SEL Classwide Intervention Program, (3) Monitoring Progress in intervention programs, and (4) Evaluating social behavior outcomes of MTSS services.

The Author Team includes Stephen N. Elliott, Christopher J. Anthony, James C. DiPerna, Pui-Wa Lei, and Frank M. Gresham. This experienced group of social behavior and measurement experts’ values collaboration and is open to working with school leadership teams to improve SEL assessment and intervention practices for all students.

The SSIS SEL Preschool Instructional Program (PIP) Manual is designed to be used by teachers and other preschool professionals to teach and improve social emotional skills for all children ages 3 to 6. The SEL PIP is inspired by (a) the continuing research on the importance of social emotional learning to the academic and social wellbeing of young children and (b) the conceptual and policy work of the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL). This universal instructional program provides a S.A.F.E.R. ---Sequenced, Active, Fun, Explicit, and Responsive -- way to teach children up to 15 social emotional skills that represent one or more of the CASEL Five competency domains (CASEL, 2013).

The SEL PIP’s Fundamental Five and Terrific Ten Skill Units require less than 2% of annual instructional time to implement and will lead to improved social and communication skills and reduced challenging behaviors in preschool and kindergarten classrooms! The SEL PIP includes:

  • 15 units comprising 45 lessons with role-play applications, suggested story book reads related to each skill, and tips for differentiating social emotional skill instruction in the classroom.
  • 100% digitally delivered intervention resources for classroom-based or remote instruction.
  • Engaging and memorable TIPS (Teaching Important Positive Skills) musical sessions with Mr. Parker are embedded in each unit to make learning SEL fun for everybody.