SSIS SEL Preschool Instructional Program (PIP) Manual (Digital Version)

The SSIS SEL PIP Manual (digital edition) provides users …

  • Training to implement and evaluate the program.
  • Overviews of each skill unit and associated learning objectives to facilitate instructional planning.
  • Detailed lesson scripts for 15 SEL Skill Units to guide first-time users through the statements and activities involved with the 6-step Tell-Show-Do-Practice-Monitor Progress-Generalize instructional format.
What’s Included:
  • Digital version of manual (flipbook & pdf)
Know Before You Buy:
  • This item is for the manual ONLY
  • View the product page for the SSIS SEL PIP Bundle to get this manual for free with the purchase of the digital lesson content for all 15 Skill Units.

Discounts available for research projects and multi-year SEL initiatives.
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The SSIS SEL Preschool Instructional Program (PIP) Manual is designed to be used by teachers and other preschool professionals to teach and improve social emotional skills for all children ages 3 to 6. The SEL PIP is inspired by (a) the continuing research on the importance of social emotional learning to the academic and social wellbeing of young children and (b) the conceptual and policy work of the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL). This universal instructional program provides a S.A.F.E.R. ---Sequenced, Active, Fun, Explicit, and Responsive -- way to teach children up to 15 social emotional skills that represent one or more of the CASEL Five competency domains (CASEL, 2013).

The SEL PIP’s Fundamental Five and Terrific Ten Skill Units require less than 2% of annual instructional time to implement and will lead to improved social and communication skills and reduced challenging behaviors in preschool and kindergarten classrooms! The SEL PIP includes:

  • 15 units comprising 45 lessons with role-play applications, suggested story book reads related to each skill, and tips for differentiating social emotional skill instruction in the classroom.
  • 100% digitally delivered intervention resources for classroom-based or remote instruction.
  • Engaging and memorable TIPS (Teaching Important Positive Skills) musical sessions with Mr. Parker are embedded in each unit to make learning SEL fun for everybody.