SSIS SEL Classwide Intervention Program Manual 2020 Edition (Digital Version)

The CIP Manual (2020 digital edition) provides users …


  • Training to implement and evaluate the program.
  • Overviews of each skill unit and associated learning objectives to facilitate instructional planning.
  • Detailed lesson scripts for 30 SEL Skill Units to guide first-time users through the statements and activities involved with the 6-step Tell-Show-Do-Practice-Monitor Progress-Generalize instructional format.


What’s Included:
  • Digital version of manual (flipbook & pdf)
Know Before You Buy:
  • This item is for the manual ONLY
  • View the product page for the SSIS SEL CIP Bundle to get this manual for free with the purchase of the digital lesson content for all 30 Skill Units.

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The SSIS SEL Classwide Intervention Program (CIP) Manual provides an overview of the intervention program and all its components, training needed to implement it with integrity, and the scripts that provide specific statements that the interventions should use to engage students. The CIP is for students ages 4-18 and offers a sequenced, active, focused, and explicit approach to teaching students 10 Core SEL skills and 20 Advanced SEL skills. These skills represent behaviors that are assessed by each of the SSIS SEL assessments and align with the CASEL 5 SEL competencies.

Lessons are designed to be implemented in the classroom and delivered three times per week over the course of ten weeks. All units are taught using a six-step process that includes teacher modeling and coaching, student role plays, skills practice, self- and teacher-monitoring of student progress, and generalization. All instructional resources – lesson PowerPoints, video clips that depict positive and negative models of social behavior in school settings, Skill Step Cue Cards, Emotion Cue Card, Role Play Cards, and Student Engagement Records are all offered on a secure website for each access and use anywhere you have an internet connection.

The original SSIS SEL CIP Manual covers Skill Units 1-23. This 2020 Edition digital version provides the scripts for all 30 Skill Units.